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3 Oct, 2019IV A
Circulars & Notices
- Holiday Notice

Dear Parents, Durga Puja Holiday Stats from 4th October 2019 to 13th October 2019.School reopens on 14th October 2019. Happy Dussehra to all.
3 Oct, 2019IV A
Circulars & Notices
- CW & HW

Hindi:-Asudhi Sudhan HW:-Practice the excercise Maths:-Introduction to chapter-8 HW:-Do Project Odia:-Tinibanara-Pathana & Pathana HW:-Read the chapter Science:-Short Question and answer Reproduction in animals HW:-Read the chapter Odia:-Kathina shabda,Shabdartha,Biparita Shabda,Prati Shabda HW:-Practice CW Odia:-Bakya Gathan & Gadya re lekha SST:-MCQs given of chapter-2 HW:-Learn the notes

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